12 January 2012

Now, I'll admit I'm no religious scholar...

...but please, somebody show me that shura... you know... where the Prophet doesn't give a cockroach's crap about teenage girls having pre-marital sex...oh, c'mon... we didn't give it a second thought"Not a big concern", huh?


Thing is, Toobs, call me a prude... and hey, never mind religion... I find condoms littering my teen's domestic landscape, I'm guessin' the only phrase I'm NOT gonna be wearing out is... "Hey, sweetie... no big deal".

Like findin' a stash of pills in your kid's sock drawer... this is something most parents (Muslim, Christian, vegetable, mineral...) are gonna address a little more seriously than, say... eating all your greens before we pull out the Ben & Jerrys'.

Say, wait a sec... where's dear ol' dad in all this? He's cool with it too, right? 'Cos there's that special bond between... wait a minute...
i swear... i got nuthin'Okay... I guess we're calling that a "no".

And, you know... I'm not having any trouble knowing exactly what's in the man's heart.

Then again, Tooba... it's not like you're actually fooling anyone.

Well... besides yourself.


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...multiculturalism in full bloom...

"Chilling Allegation made by Mama Shafia that the police threatened to torture her son if she didn't fess up!"
Another little tactic straight out of the captured terrorist handbook.

I'm shocked.


Anonymous said...

Just digusting.

.."spit on and yelled at an 8-year-old American girl walking to school in their Israeli neighborhood has prompted a call by Israeli President Shimon Peres to join a protest today against religious extremists."

religion of peace right?

Neo Conservative said...

"digusting", huh nonny?

hey, gomer... i'm an atheist... you actually imagine i'm gonna defend religious extremists of any sort?

i'm with shimon peres... the "true believers" are the ones you really have to worry about.

i guess if you're upset about spitting & yelling... you must have an opinion on cold-bloodedly murdering your own children?

hmmm... that part must've got lost somewhere out on the intertubes, huh?

just another pathetic little troll.


Anonymous said...

It actually is a chilling allegation that police said they would torture her son. You can even assume being from Afghanistan, where they do torture suspects, that she could interpret the usual veiled threats of things going badly as being just short of Jack Bauer type of crap.

But calling it a chilling allegation doesn't mean Mansbridge or anyone else buys it.

You are certainly not a religious extremist, but Blazing Cat Fur is, milking this horrific crime to further his own muslim hate agenda. It seems he'd actually like to see an acquittal to help fuel his hate parade. Not much help if the court simply finds them guilty of murder, which is probably what will happen. It seems the case has a lot of circumstantial evidence, I don't think there is an eyewitness other than the accused, but it looks from here like they are guilty.

dmorris said...

"Then again, Tooba... it's not like you're actually fooling anyone."

I'll reserve judgement on that until I see what sentence the Judge hands down.

I can see it now,"taking into account the culture of the accused....."

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny shrieks... milking this horrific crime to further his own muslim hate agenda."

lemme see... we're talking about the coldly calculated killing of 4 women (three of them children) and yet you choose, instead, to attack another blogger.

and how about the comments you've been sending me all this week... throwing in your taunts about niggers & nazis?

no more, troll.