01 January 2012

The Canadian healthcare system...

...is crashing down around us because the money just isn't there... you really wanna do some good here, let's start with folks who give a shit they actually live or die...
stop the insanityUh-huh... enabling addicts... what could possibly go wrong?
hope, change... and what?


Jen said...

And guess who pays for the the drug addicts' 'free' pipes? We do, we, who, some of us suffer from some form of serious illness.

Remember the judge who said that the clinic must remain open for the drug addicts well, she should look after them herself.

Neo Conservative said...

"jen asks... who pays for the the drug addicts 'free' pipes?"

more pc code... like 'affordable' housing.

yeah, it's affordable because your tax dollars are writing cheques to second & third generation welfare grifters.

maybe we can afford 'free crackpipes... after mr & mrs joe lunchbucket have ohip totally... no ifs, ands or buts... cover their chemotherapy regime.