31 January 2012

Apparently, the sky isn't the only thing...

...that's falling...

“The state of air quality in Canada has improved significantly since the 1970s, in most regions, with respect to all major pollutant types,” said Joel Wood, Fraser Institute senior research economist and author of Canadian Environmental Indicators – Air Quality.

“Yet environmental and health care organizations continue to scare people into thinking that air pollution is increasing and that this presents a serious health risk in Canada. These claims are exaggerated or outright wrong.”

As an example, the study highlights a pair of recent reports from the Canadian Medical Association and Suzuki Foundation which argued for stricter air-pollution regulations in Canada, based on assumptions that air pollution was increasing or remaining constant.

Both studies received extensive media coverage despite the fact they provided no historical context and arrived at their conclusions based on false assumptions.
Just something else to ponder while you're glorying in the midst of your excess houses & offspring.
"And the CBC host has two sizeable homes, despite calling it "disgusting" that the average Canadian's home (most have just one) is larger than that of our grandparents."

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...didn't Dr "I haz rainbows & unicorns"... run out & start a second family? That's what... five kids?

I guess rules are for little people.


Frances said...

Neo - Dr S was on 'Morningside' with Peter Gzowski many years ago, extolling the benefits of having the second family as he could spend so much more time with them than he had with his first. Much to the host's surprise, much of the resulting communication from listeners was heavily critical, saying that what Messrs. Gzowski and Suzuki were celebrating - albeit unwittingly - was abandonment of first wife and family in favour of second one.

mauser98 said...

perhaps Fukushima plutonium,cesium pouring into Pacific and aptmosphere, ingested and inhaled may pause a few.

Neo Conservative said...

in his salad days, didn't dr zook also share many a stage with the "zero population growth" folks... the people who postulated we'd all be dead & dying back in the 80's if we didn't stop reproducing?

he sure made an about-face on that issue.