03 January 2012

In other "crime is down" news

"Police have confirmed a woman found dead in her Leaside home as the city’s third homicide of the new year. One man was in custody Monday in connection with the slaying, as an investigation continued."


Anonymous said...

Jan 3 and 3 homicides could be on the way to a "crime rate dropping" record.

Rob C

Ted Betts said...

Because everyone knows that the lowest crime rate in my adult lifetime (which now getting into pretty big numbers I'm sorry to say) is exactly the same thing as saying there is no crime.

And I thought it was the lefty communist socialist pinkos who lived in a utopian la-la land where everything is grand as long as the state was strong and controlling.

Anonymous said...

Gee, we are already only 3 days in and 3 stiffs? Sounds like another kind of record this year? (real conservative)

Neo Conservative said...

didn't mark twain have some famous comment on lies & statistics?


"Statistics Canada reports the national homicide rate fell to 1.85 homicides per 100,000 population but adds that rates for other serious violent crimes – such as attempted murder, serious assaults and robberies – rose in both 2005 and 2006."

mightn't the homicide rate be affected by, these days, having highly trained als medics (equipped with chest tubes) on an (average) 8 minute response time? or that world famous sunnybrook hospital trauma team on 24/7 hour availability for ALL toronto shooting victims?

The study, which gathered statistics from police forces across Canada, reports the rate of violent crime among young people increased 12% in 10 years, and 30% since 1991.


Both the number and rate of young people accused of homicide in 2006 reached their highest point since data were first collected in 1961.

Youth homicide rates have risen 41% since 1997.

is the world a safer place now... than when you were a kid, ted?


Anonymous said...

Further proof why we need capital punishment! It works! It’s a proven deterrent! I’d bet these criminals would think twice about murder if they thought they’d fry. But considering they only get 10 years I suppose they don’t really care!

Ted Betts said...

yes. very definitely and obviously.

The only thing different is the culture of fear perpetuated by conservatives.

Thanks for asking.

And you're welcome.

Neo Conservative said...

oh, c'mon ted.... you gonna "get up in my grill"... make me your beyotch... again?

yo... let it all out... dawg. that's what all you crazy kids say, right? or maybe you've just been watchin' too much oprah.

funny how the "crime is down" thing always seems to light a fire under your lawyerly behind.

what's the backstory there?


Ted Betts said...

Not much of a backstory. Just one of the core reasons I could not be a member of any Conservative Party, despite sharing so much in common. I prefer to reduce crimes and crime rates, not just punish criminals. I don't take that kind of joy in vengeance and don't think that is a good basis for policy making. Many disagree, clearly.

Like Anonymouse 3:14 here who hasn't a clue but likes vengeance. Capital punishment has been shown over and over and over not to be a deterrance on additional homicide. So favouring it isn't about reducing crimes or the crime rate, but wreaking vengeance. I just happen to think that that is ugly, barbaric, retrograde and would put us in the backwater with such fine international citizens as China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea, etc.

So yeah, your insistence on highlighting your preference for punishment over crime reduction is one that always does get my fires going a bit.

Happy New Year, by the way.

Neo Conservative said...

"ted betts llb says... I prefer to reduce crimes and crime rates"

that what you do in your spare time, ted? good to know. any chance we can get a peek at your superhero duds?

i think i speak for all of us here, when i ask... cape or no cape?

happy new year.