21 January 2012

An ill wind blows

• LONDON, Ont. • In a major blow to Dalton McGuinty government’s controversial green energy plan, the largest farm lobby group in Ontario has pulled the plug on its support for wind turbines.

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture, which represents 37,000 farm families, issued a call Friday for the province to suspend wind turbine development.


Anonymous said...

Gee Ya don't suppose the folks of Ontario are starting to wake up? I guess better late than never.

Rob C

alexb said...

Yes,pulled the plug knowing that ridiculous subsides are quickly disappearing.

Neo Conservative said...

these are the same folks that dalton previously screwed over when he pulled the promised subsidy on electricity generated by ground-based solar installations.

of course, he left the subsidy in place for city dwellers who stuck solar panels on the roof of their urban townhomes.

that dalton... he's one slick operator.