09 January 2012

Dear Homegrown Journalistas...

...how exactly is it, that the Alberta oil sands are always at the top of your 11 o'clock eco-hitlist?
from the folks who brought you lead-painted baby toys(link fixed)


hunter said...

Your click doesn't seem to be working!

Patsplace said...

Because the Chinese will kick their butts....plus they might get called racist.

Booting Bubba around is a pretty safe bet.....so far.

Anonymous said...

Alberta takes a beating because the
Provincial Government we have right now is really Lieberals calling them shelves conservatives. They are selling out the province's future to enviro-nut interests. That and our "premier" is only interested in pushing her social engeneering BS on Albertans and buying future votes (see Alberta teachers union)purchase.

Rob C

Neo Conservative said...

hunter, thx... link is working now.