17 January 2012

When being a Canadian...

...simply isn't enough...
once again... the ndp shows the way

"As the spouse of a French citizen, Mulcair, who was born in Ottawa, was entitled to apply for French citizenship himself."
And, predictably... Mulcair & company turn this into a diatribe against the PM.

More malarkey from those same folks who apparently can't differentiate a medical clinic from a seedy Chinatown bordello.


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The New Democrats unleashed what former party member Lise St-Denis has called an "immoral" robocall campaign that last week paralyzed her parliamentary and constituency office phone lines for two days.
So much for all that talk of a new civility.


hunter said...

The NDP talk about the "poor" but never seem to actually DO anything for the poor. Same goes for the robo calling, they are only concerned about themselves.

Patsplace said...

Why is anyone surprised that they would lie about the contents of an ad and further lie about attacking an MP that crossed the floor. Remember!! These are the same stock that have a tradition of killing their own people. Genocides and Socialism go together.

Anonymous said...

There is no real definition of “Canadian”. Canada is an entire country of immigrants so to be Canadian is to be many things, Muslim, Hindu, Punjabi, Chinese, Indonesian, African, Caribbean, French or Mediterranean. To be Canadian is to be diverse, multi-cultural, tolerant and compassionate.

So many people think that being Canadian is to be English, Christian, White and privileged.

That is so untrue because if your White Christian and proud of that, in Canada you’re a racist!

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... There is no real definition of 'Canadian”.'

hmmm... well, if it's not overly complicated... how about we start with someone who has earned, through birth or overwhelming desire... canadian citizenship?

after we weed out the criminals , bogus refugees and citizens of convenience, of course.

mr mulcair, who lives in a province that has been fighting to break away from canada... and who takes every opportunity to castigate the democratically elected government of this country... goes out of his way to become a french citizen.

what message does that send?


Al the Fish said...

To draw an analogy based on current events, Mulcair becoming PM of Canada, but having the option of jumping to another country should things go bad is like the Captain of that Italian cruise ship abandoning his post before all the passengers.

Instead of being a true Captain, Mulcair is a rat who won't go down with the ship.

Neo Conservative said...

anyone remember the last aspiring pm who had dual canadian/french citizenship?

"Dion is not helping himself by reacting emotionally, revealed in his testy exchanges with reporters after his dual citizenship was first raised by Calgary Sun columnist Ezra Levant. Levant pointed out, rightly, that the Grits would go nuts if Prime Minister Stephen Harper was a dual Canadian-American citizen."

whatever happened to that guy anyway?


Al the Fish said...

That guy Levant has gone on to bigger and better things.

That guy Dion is probably looking for a plot of land to bury his Kyoto, and grow weed.