29 January 2012

CBC Radio reporting...

...apparently with a straight face... "There were no victim impact statements filed."

-- KINGSTON, ON -- "There have been other murder charges involving so-called "honour killings" – homicides of women slain out of a perverse desire to "purify" families of disgrace created by supposedly immoral conduct – but not on this scale, and not involving parents who were willing to wipe out half their family for the sake of their honour, and then lie about it.‬"

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The day after the jurors retired, Montreal’s La Presse ran a front-page interview columnist Michele Ouimet had with one of Yahya’s sisters, Soraya, in Kabul.

Soraya was “scandalized” by the pictures the reporter showed them, shot of Zainab and Sahar in ordinarily skimpy skirts or bathing and with male friends and boyfriends. She and her husband both cheerfully told Ouimet they believe in killing for honour.

Her husband Habibullah said simply, if his daughters (the couple has seven, plus two boys) dishonoured him, “I would put them in a bag and eliminate them so no one would ever find their traces in Afghanistan.”


maryT said...

The victims of this crime are the ones who did it. Were they supposed to say;, well, we don't have our daughters/sister and that has caused great emotional distress.
Are there any other members of this family, still alive.
I hope this verdict sends a message to other muslims planning the same fate for their daughters/wife.
I can't fathom how killing your family restores honor to said family.

BDFT said...

I hate that term "honour killing". Murder is murder is murder. If I ran the zoo they would all be hanging from lampposts around the town square. Or was I being intolerant?

Neo Conservative said...

i hope that mohammad, tooba & hamed spend the next couple of decades enjoying their shiny, restored honour.


sassy said...

...apparently with a straight face... "There were no victim impact statements filed."

Why would that not be reported with a straight face? Victim impact statements are often given in homicide trials

There are three other children (I believe all younger) and Rona, the murdered first wife has a sister living in the US. These family members and/or friends, for example Zainab's boyfriend could have given victim impact statements.

Neo Conservative said...

well sass, typically... when you have a murdered child... never mind three... the parents usually consider themselves, well... "victimised" by that terrible loss.

now... put on your thinking cap...


jwkozak91 said...

Meanwhile, back in the 'Ghan - the Beeb reports:

"A woman in north-eastern Afghanistan has been arrested for allegedly strangling her daughter-in-law for giving birth to a third daughter.

"The murder took place two days ago in Kunduz province. The baby girl, who is now two months old, was not hurt."


Neo Conservative said...

"jwkozak91 says... strangling her daughter-in-law for giving birth to a third daughter"

and it's not just a concern in 3rd world countries.

i read recently about north american physicians being increasingly alarmed at the sharply rising incidence of abortions from the primarily ethnic communities who only want male children.