07 January 2012

Register sociopaths...

...not guns, er... cleaning products...register criminals, not cleaning products


Pissedoff said...

Wow even Obama didn't have to show ID to become prez. Would he if he bought these things.

Neo Conservative said...

only a matter of time before some socialist enclave starts enacting plastic cutlery laws.


Anonymous said...

What part of personal responsibility and personal accountability is no longer a conservative ideal?

Russ said...

We should try that registry in Canada. I bet it would work better than the long gun registry! Maybe the federal Libs could try it for a platform. Sounds like something stupid that they could sell to Quebec and Ontario to get enough votes for a majority!

Neo Conservative said...

"anon shrieks... no longer a conservative ideal?"

oh, nonny... more wobbley straw man baby steps?

you do all the work for me.