18 January 2012

Forget about bilingual...

...perhaps future Prime Ministers of Canada should have a mandatory degree in economics...

With a certain amount of sullen resentment, Canada's premiers agreed Tuesday to do pretty much exactly what Prime Minister Harper wants them to do: Continue working on innovation in health care to drive costs down, or at least, keep the rate of growth from rising.

But they made it clear they're still unhappy at the prospect of being forced on the cost-saving front.

They set up another working group to keep the argument going over the new funding arrangement, and how it was imposed.
Of course they did.


Pissedoff said...

They are just pissedoff that now everyone will realise just who is responsible for the crappy wait times.
Also if they say it is federal does that mean Harper can get rid of the drug sites the SCC said was provincial.

Neo Conservative said...

funny how the provinces all seem to have money for free crackpipe kits and nurses to staff provincially funded shooting galleries... but they can't do shit about wait times in the local emerg rooms.


Norm said...

I do get a laugh from Cristy Clark, McGinty and Charest all screaming how this funding formula fiat from the feds is "unprecedented". They seem to forget the Chretian/Martin mega chop to the 50/50 funding that had been in place from medicare day 1. Without warning or consultation Ti'Gar and Mr Dithers changed the 50/50 to about 30/70 when the fed couldn't sell anymore t-bills in 1996.
But of course Christy, Dalton and Jean are all good Liberals so they dare not remember transgressions by other Liberals.

Neo Conservative said...

"norm says... the Chretien/Martin mega chop to the 50/50 funding that had been in place from medicare day 1."

yup... but try finding a leftbot who will acknowledge this little bit of accounting sleight of hand was how the lie-berals miraculously balanced the books.

ain't gonna happen.