12 January 2012

Ask a Liberal Cabinet Minister

Look who wouldn't recognise the "high road" if they had to plow it themselves...don't blame me... i didn't vote for themMaking Daddy Dalton proud... yet again...

" • TORONTO • Ten people – most of them teenagers – die within 10 days on northern highways."

"And apparently, it’s all Mike Harris’s fault."
I can't believe Chiarelli didn't toss in a reference to Dick Cheney or the CIA.


Anonymous said...

Vic Fedeli MPP for Nip-Tem, my area, is going not letting him get away with that crass comeback.


Neo Conservative said...

it's simply how the leftbots roll.

and the fact that dalton managed to get a third term, tells you everything you need to know about toronto.

i got out just in time.