04 January 2012

These are the Insite people, right?

Maybe they could leverage their existing infrastructure... and start dishing out government-supplied heroin in those nice clean syringes...

“At the beginning of the study, we expressed our concerns that the pipe supply is a tiny number ... but we were told the number’s staying the same,” Townsend said.

“To meet the demand we would need around 1,000 per day.”
A shortage of taxpayer subsidised crackpipes... c'mon now... let's hop to it.

I mean, it's not like we have any other pressing medical concerns...
"As the drug shortages worsen, so does their impact on patient care, particularly in hospitals. The inability to get crucial medicines has disrupted chemotherapy, surgery and care for patients with infections and pain."

"When will similar facilities be extended to tobacco consumers?"


Frances said...

Late to this, Neo, but when will similar facilities be extended to tobacco consumers?

Neo Conservative said...

we gonna see hooker/gigolo coupons for those poor, tortured sex addicts?