01 January 2012

Words of comfort & wisdom...

...from the narcissistic aristocrat who planted that poisonous, life-altering dagger... smack in the middle of Stéphane Dion's shoulder blades...
here, mon ami... let me get that itch for youHmmm... fairness, fairness... that sounds so familiar...
wait, wait... let me give that a little twistBut, heck... don't take my word for it... let's ask the wife of a former Liberal Leader...

"The party base understood in 2006 and Canadian citizens are understanding now. Ignatieff's supporters didn't do their homework. They didn't read his books. They contented themselves with his ability to navigate the cocktail circuit," she wrote.

"Some of them are enraged today. I hear: 'Why didn't anyone tell us about him?' We told you, loud and clear. You didn't listen."


Anonymous said...

Why is this guy still being published? He still whines and whines and whines about how he was given a rough ride. Iggy, you know who's been given a rough ride? The PM that's who. The guy has been attacked since day 1 and has run how many bloody campaigns since then? 2 leadership races and what 3 elections.

The entire MSM, the Lib-dippers, the Bloc and the greens were all attacking the whole way. You ride in on your white horse after pretending to be an american for years, get called out on it and that's unfair now?

Jack Layton ran a campaign with terminal cancer and never once whined about it being unfair Iggy. Pull up your damn socks and go back home to America.

Anonymous said...

You can't tell a Liberal anything, don't you know that they are all wise and knowing and would not lower themselves to accept any other results than that of their own making

Dollops said...

"War of the puffins", Heh.

dmorris said...

Reading of Kreiber's outrage at "that other intellectual who isn't MY intellectual" is sad and amusing.

The people who inhabit the ivory towers of academia and whose brains have swelled with self-importance from breathing that rarified air,should NEVER venture out "into a world of woe",the REAL world,OUR world.

Rarely do they EVER have anything to offer the people who run the world they spend their lives insulated from.

Dion and Ignatieff offered nothing new or positive to Canadian voters,and paid the price at the polls. We peasants aren't as unsophisticated as we were a hundred years ago,and we don't hold "the educated" classes in high esteem anymore.

We are more likely to view these members of the academic elite as fuzzy-minded theorists who never have to put their money where their theories are,and we DO NOT trust them to manage our Country.

Dion and Ignatieff,like anyone else from a highly specialized group,have experiences and knowledge germane only to their very limited venue. They're monks,from monasteries.

Outside their little world,and it IS a "little world",they are less than useless and are capable of inflicting more harm on us,"the masses" than any other member of the political class.

We can only hope that Canadian political Parties will drift away from fan-like worship of a class that offers no useful experience in running a Country or business,and leave them in their ivory towers to impress one another at their endless academic soirees,where they can do the least harm.

I suggest the Liberals investigate the possibilities of Justin Bieber running for Leader. He has "star" power,would garner the "youth" vote,especially among pre-teen girls,and is susceptible to the socialist propaganda of the Left.

He wouldn't do any more harm than Dion or Iggy,and if a really important matter came up, he could always ask his Mom for advice.

Neo Conservative said...

emperor iggy the first, despite all his talk about "ordinary canadians", was born into a life of money & privilege... and both he & his brother attended the most exclusive, expensive private school in the country.

he owns a chateau in france.

this is a guy who talks outta both sides of his mouth... and was a disaster as liberal leader.

that, of course, won't stop the msm from slobbering all over his every word.

you figure it out... 'cos i can't.


Sean M said...

IMO, "Liberals", Separatists, NDPQ types all talk out of both sides of they're mouths. They're all liars and cheats, in an avaricious pursuit of power. To me, Dion was an idiot, an easily manipulated dupe of the Chretin crime family. Iggy is a whiner with a capital WHINE. Iggiot goose stepping around the country giving speeches about "anglophones" and "francophones" and urging Canadians to "RISE UP"... WTF!? It was like Iggo thought it was 1968, or the 1970's again. Iggy was so out of touch with Canada and Canadians that he didn't realize we were "RISING UP"... rising up against the warped policies and legislation of the disasterous Trudeau/ Chretin revolution. The only rough ride Iggo received was from the Canadian electorate who saw through the media fog of deceit, and the out of touch bluster of an impostor to the throne who was way out of his element.

Dance...dance to the radio said...

I hoped Ignatieff would drop his injured act once he got trounced.
Maybe it just takes time for a person to get over it.
We'll have to wait a year at least for hime to come out with something that isn't tinged with his defeat.

It just shows me that he still doesn't get it. And he needs to get it before he has anything meaningful to say.

Rich said...

I agree that a serious mistake was made by having Iggy step down as leader. The only sane course is to have him run for the leadership again and arrange for him to win.
Yup.........that'll fix everything....and I certainly hope that it happens.

Anonymous said...

HOOOO WAAAAA! Get your tickets for the "Iggy Home Comin' Tour"
The perfect Dear Leader for the Coalition of Clowns.
Cheers Bubba

Rich said...

Absolutely...what a clown show it would be, it would finish the libs so I say bring it on !

Neo Conservative said...

"rich says... have him run for the leadership again and arrange for him to win."

ah, yes... iggy... the gift that keeps on giving.

i agree... what conservatives really need is for the lpoc to have a re-coronation.