30 January 2012

Dear Peter Mansbridge...

Let's see you rock your all too-predictable regular demographic right outta their Birkenstocks... and devote 5 or six minutes to something completely off the usual Planet Pinko manifesto...

reverse the terms

"Through the magic of Reverse-The-Terms, let’s imagine if food being shipped to Saudi Arabia turned out to be Kosher? Properly offered & sacrificed to Hindu gods? Maybe prayed over by evangelical Christian butchers? Sprinkled with bacon-fat?"
Yup, I know... not in this uber-enlightened millennia.


Jen said...

Does Peter Mansbridge understand your meaning-not sure. In fact the only language Peter knows is what's written for him; other than that he is lost.

You don't need to be brillant or hold a degree or even graduate from elementary school to work at CBC-just as long you read the scripe to your every detail in life.

Neo Conservative said...

the ceeb has an agenda and my guess is... you buy in, or you're gone.

not that mansbridge & company aren't true believers... seems most "professional" journos these days are somewhere to the left of libby davies.


Anonymous said...

Mr Mandsbridge the "news reader" so what kind of remuneration does pete get? ..........still waiting CBC needs to cough that up.
Cheers Bubba