05 January 2012

Battling murder & assorted mayhem

Not sure how they do it in the big city, but back in Hobbema, they're breakin' out the... wait for it... bylaws...bringin' out the big guns

"We have a lot of work ahead, but we've taken that important first step," he said following the vote.

"This will hopefully make people accountable for their actions."
You mean like all those other cutting edge crime-fighting measures you've been touting?
"Ms. Dixon's death – the third homicide since a gun and weapon amnesty was announced weeks ago – sparked emergency meetings by bands on the reserve Monday."
You're shootin' babies... I'm just not sure a bylaw's gonna get the job done.


Anonymous said...

The "First Nations" pawning off their trash to the REAL NATION that they choose not to recognize unless they need a freebie . Great idea.

Rob C

Neo Conservative said...

nope, not the point at all.

you wanna do something about homicidal gangs... you enact a bylaw?

sorry... that just ain't gonna wash.

where are all the brave aboriginal warriors when the criminals start shooting children?