30 January 2012

All in favour of movin' the CBC...

...lock, stock and steamin' pinko pulpit to beautiful downtown Kabul...raise your right hand...a billion taxpayer dollars per year**********

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...from the mighty Globe & Mail...

suckass political correctness

"A caller-in to a discussion about the Shafia case said, as a Muslim, he could not condone the murders. He said that nowhere is it allowed to murder for 'honour'."

"When the moderator asked what he would do if one of his own daughters dated or married outside the faith, he said if members of his community criticized him for allowing it, he would simply disown the daughter and cut off any contact with her."
So now we're giving out brownie points to people who merely admit murder is wrong? That expulsion & shunning are acceptable punishments for a child who doesn't embrace extreme religious edicts?


Your mainstream media... once again, setting the proverbial bar for Pierre Trudeau's multicultural dream.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Obviously another CBC poll gone horribly wrong.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm with kate & ezra... you've just gotta ask the right questions.


Jen said...

I wonder who will be the first from cbc to board the plane to Kabul.

CBC has become a beacon for the taliban.

Answer to your question. "without a doubt in my mind I am in favour of sending CBC packing.

Sammy said...

CTV's Jackie Milczarek actually used these murders this a.m. to ask head of Can.Council of Muslim Women if 'the Gov't is doing enough to protect women' then spouted bunch of crap about all the 'cuts' to programs! Un-frikkin-believable.

Neo Conservative said...

"sammy says... 'the Gov't is doing enough to protect women'"

yes, of course... one murdered polygamous slave/wife, three dead daughters... let's blame stephen harper.


Sammy said...

THAT Neo,is the msg that msm is trying to get out there now.It isn't a muslim thing..it's a big-gov't FAIL issue.I was just astounded listening to that tripe,but ctv has become cbc2..even worse than the original cbc some days.

Patsplace said...

When I'm listening to a study of the Blues or a study of Rock or host of other interesting stuff on CBC radio, I'm hard pressed to want to see it gone. Until there is another way to economically listen to radio in the Boonies of Canada, don't you dare suggest CBC Radio be taken down. CBC TV....now that's another story entirely.

Thucydides said...

Look around on the Internet, you can podcast or stream information on virtually any subject to anywhere on Earth. In fact, you could probably out do the CBC by buying studio grade equipment (which is pretty cheap these days) and producing your own show on the Blues or whatever.

As for the CBC, their silence o the subject is deafening. How about asking where their follow ups are on the Young Dauphin saying these sorts of crimes shouldn't be called "barbaric"?

How about the CBC interviewing feminist organisations and "Womens Studies" professors and asking why they didn't stand up for these victims or speak out against these crimes?

Why not ask why there is no one in the family to stand for the women and provide a victim statement to the court?

We paid 1.6 billion for an organization that can't even ask the simple questions when it counts.

Anonymous said...

So the latest talking point is that anyone left of you, along with being an enemy of the state, is also disappointed at the guilty verdict?

Poor baby. Reduced to claiming that the left supports honour murders. Pathetic.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny shrieks... being an enemy of the state!!!"

oh, you pathetic little whiner... you do all the work for me.