27 June 2009

You can do...

...absolutely everything right and still pay the ultimate price...

They wanted his cellphone so they stabbed him in the heart.

And now three young men, who callously murdered a 16-year-old Grade 12 North Park Secondary School honours student in the fall of 2007 are heading to prison after a jury in Brampton found them guilty of murder yesterday.

The courtroom was full of tears and sobbing as the jury found Omari White, 19, and Jamal Johnson, 21, guilty of first-degree murder and Eric Robinson, 21, of second-degree murder.

A fourth man, Ryan Walwin-Townsend, 22, will face a separate trial for first-degree murder this fall.

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Mr. Oatway's mistake was not to cower properly before S.M. and his three friends as they effectively surrounded him in the narrow rear confines of the bus, S.M. smartly directing him, at knifepoint, to hand over his iPod.
Bright lights, big city... is it really worth your life?



Philanthropist said...

These thugs should be executed. The Canadian way of letting them out to victimize more people is stupid.

kursk said...

If only there had been more basketball courts...

Neo Conservative said...

a fine young man's life gets snuffed out... for a cellphone.

these thugs should be swingin' & kickin' at the end of a noose.


ddt said...

Swinging and kicking is barbarism practised in Iran. The Canadian way was a long drop and a quick end until Trudeau moved it to a pat on the head and a slap on the wrist.