16 June 2009

Where's Barbara Hall...

...when you really, really need her?

A man from Lower Sackville, N.S., says he will take Tim Hortons to the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission because he can no longer get his coffee.

Dave Matthews needs a motorized scooter to get around because of a physical disability. He used to get his coffee at the Tim Hortons drive-thru in Lower Sackville. But at a new location, in Bedford, he ran into trouble.

Matthews said it's a matter of rights, arguing that he should be able to use the drive-thru.

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"Yet here we have, in effect, the Government of the Dominion of Canada complaining that Blazing Cat Fur is being mean to it."


langmann said...

This is a prime example of the legal system f'ing everything up. The real reason he cannot drive through is because Timmies will get sued and be liable the minute some moron runs a wheelchair over.

What we really need is a back to personal responsibility mentality. Use the drivethrough at your own peril, end of story.

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... back to personal responsibility" --

hey, doc... you're really dating yourself.

these days... even terminally f@cked junkies get an endless supply of dalton mcslippery's taxpayer-funded crackpipes & syringes.

i hear the fiberals are thinking of supplying the heroin too.

nice thought though.


Anonymous said...

If this were in BC, the employees wouldn't need to wash their hands.

Rich said...

This is off topic somewhat but the need for personal responsibility figures large in the first 2 comments and this article really hammers it home on a larger but different scale.
If there is any place where the courts should be involved it is with this situation.....(he said- fearing what would happen if they did.)

maryT said...

This is as bad as the guy from Ont who is suing the Rescue team that didn't find him or his wife. The fact they didn't tell anyone where they were going because the knew they were going to an off limit site makes no difference. So what is the result of this suit, Rescue teams in BC are no longer going to rescue people. They are quitting due to fear of being sued. Yes, the man's wife died, but had they not gone to forbidden areas, told someone where they were going and when, and how long they would be gone is the reason for the death.
People who do stupid things will always be with us so be careful in the backcountry of BC. You are on your own.

Philanthropist said...

The sad part about this is that the so-called 'Human Rights Commission' will use this to justify their own existence by humouring this guy and taxpayers must pay for it all.


Neo Conservative said...

the fact is, you get the kind of government and governance you deserve.

most folks stumble through life merely scratching the surface of consciousness.

time to speak up folks... and remember, "friends don't let friends vote liberal".


Scary Fundamentalist said...


The couple that got lost wasn't from Ontario, but rather Quebec, where personal responsibility reigns supreme.

Neo Conservative said...

moot point, mary... this attitude, unfortunately, is applicable nationwide.

"personal responsibility"... another haunting relic from our distant past.


liberal supporter said...

It's hilarious watching you try to build an entire movement around this. All that will happen is Tim Hortons will move that store up higher on the list for retrofits. They make all their new stores fully accessible, and are in the process of doing the same in the existing outlets.

In the meantime, they will likely designate a small area outside where he can park his scooter and work it like the old A&W "Turn lights on for service". Or some other coffee place will do that. You know, free enterprise? Customer is number 1?

There must be true conservatives someplace, that actually try to look for solutions, instead of taking every news item and trying to force fit it into their agenda as you guys so transparently do.


Neo Conservative said...

"liberal supporter caws... Hahahahahaha!" --

well, well, well... look who's back.

it seems that that some folks just can't stay away.


maryT said...

Thanks for the correction, now that you mention it I remember, they were from Que. I also remember the son saying they did not tell anyone where they were going as they knew it was wrong. I hope he loses big time and has to pay costs. Today on the news, all rescue and search teams have stopped their operations. Maybe one is still operating. I wonder how many will die because of this man's greed. He was wrong.

jwkozak91 said...

Hey Bobby "Pee-Jay" Day aka. LS,

"In the meantime, they will likely designate a small area outside where he can park his scooter..."

What about in winter, when Nova Scotia gets the "sea-effect" snowstorms that have drifts inches over Mr. Matthews' head?


P.S.: Could you ask BCL when was the last time he visited his parents' hometown of Theodore, Sask.?