29 June 2009

Waxman - Markey

Behold the twisted, disfigured freak behind the pretty mask...

Just for the gas, the cost would be “an additional $178 billion annually, or about $560 for each man, woman and child in the U.S.”

So, lessee… What kinds of manufacturing/industry uses fuel? All of ‘em. Check. Service industries? All of ‘em. Check. Financials? All of ‘em. Check. Consumer discretionary/necessities? All of ‘em. Check. Communications? Tech? Materials? All of ‘em. Check.
Oh, oh.
So what is the actual goal?

"Carbon prices will soar as U.S. refiners compete with each other and other industrial companies for a limited number of allowances ... permit prices may top $100 a ton."

Yep. A new derivatives market for market playahs to... er, play in.

Because the last derivatives market worked so well.


Philanthropist said...

'Environmentalists' who are against oil are welcome to starve right now, we should encourage them not to wait for the rest of us - or drag us along.

Neo Conservative said...

not really about starving.

just another across the board nanny-state tax hit... that's gonna cripple hope of a timely economic recovery.

business as usual for the dems.