18 June 2009

Hey, freak... they're called curtains

If people can see your naked arse from the middle of a busy street... trust me, it ain't a Google issue...

The pledge from the head of Google Canada to have extra staff on hand should be welcome news to Robert White, who has been fretting about unwanted exposure since April.

That's when he stepped naked in front of an open window after taking a shower just as a Google camera car rolled down the street.
How about we check in with all the neighbourhood moms... and see if Google is their biggest concern here?



Josephine said...


Once again, Neo, you just gave me the biggest laugh!

I so love your commentary!

Neo Conservative said...

well, jo... i think the only reason you and i can laugh about this one is... this guy doesn't live on our street.

gotta love how everybody else seems to think "mr buck naked" is some sort of victim.


Josephine said...

It creeps me out, for sure.