30 June 2009

Take your damn health centre...

...and shove it...

A plan to install the De dwa da dehs neye's Aboriginal Health Centre at the Kanata Iroquois Village site beginning Canada Day has hit a snag - its presence is being protested again by a native group calling itself the Mohawk Nation.

"Nothing has changed. This is Mohawk land," said spokesman Konalonqwa Johnson. "The City of Brantford is trying to take it over and rent it to a health group and they don't have any ties to us.


Bruce said...

"Mohawk Land"? How can it be their land? Mohawks are not even indigenous to Ontario or even Canada. They came from Upstate New York and New England in the 1600s and they followed Europeans into Upper Canada, at least according to any history book I have read on the subject.

Neo Conservative said...

"bruce says... Mohawks are not even indigenous to Ontario or even Canada."

sorry bruce... i'm pretty sure the great spirit gave all of north america to his aboriginal children... regardless of birthplace... or, you know... being a pack of migrating hunter-gatherers from a distant latitude.

and the horrible, racist white man's law... that's all total bullshit... except where it applies to 200 year old treaties.

see... it's that simple.


liberal supporter said...
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Neo Conservative said...

good ol' "canadian cynic"... aka "liberal supporter"... one minute he's kissin' up... the next minute he challenges you to a duel.

'cos "real men" just like to "piss on people", right cc?

-- deleted --


ddt said...

If the Mohawk Nation is truly a nation then do what other nation's do and pay your own way instead of standing around with your hand out.

Philanthropist said...

Aboriginals have no more right to land in Canada than I or any other Canadian citizen has.

You would think that your average aboriginal person would get tired of being screwed over by activists and Chiefs.

Neo Conservative said...

hey... does this mean i get to go after prince charles over the scottish highland clearances?

exactly how far back in time do these historical reparations apply? i'm thinkin' genghis khan and his mongol horde could have a hell of a lot to answer for.

does the eternal babysitting and huge financial handouts ever end? or will canada's aboriginal peoples simply never stand on their own two feet?

you know, like the vast majority of the rest of canadians?