19 June 2009

The 6 o'clock news, hon?

"No, baby, I swear... that must'a been somebody else."

-- MONTREAL -- A commercial building housing a swingers club went up in flames Friday morning forcing the evacuation of 10 people. "They had sheets on them but they didn’t have a lot of clothes on coming down (the ladder)," said fire department spokesman Gilles Ducharme.

"I don’t know how many of them were not dressed, but there were a few of them — maybe five or six — that had only sheets on them."


maryT said...

Years ago a house of ill repute was raided,(in the winter) and most of the john's got out, leaving their overcoats.
Anyone showing up for work the next day in a new coat or without one got lots of strange looks and questions. Lots of strange excuses to wives as to why their coat was missing. No tv coverage, just radio and print. Should mention that most of the johns were from the so called professional men, lawyers, doctors and it was rumored on politician.

syncrodox said...

Thank goodness Trudeau and his ilk got the nation out of our bedrooms and into the pocketbooks and daycare's of the nation.


Joan Tintor said...

Sounds like the scene at the highway rest stop in "Something About Mary."

Neo Conservative said...

i'm guessing there'll be more than a few saucy snapshots circulating down at the firehouse.