28 June 2009

So, hang on there a sec...

...what happens if you have a heart attack on "Heterosexual Monday?"



Neo Conservative said...

[full text folllows]

Paramedics Ordered To Work During Pride Parade
Saturday June 27, 2009
CityNews.ca Staff

With the city gearing up for the Pride Parade on Sunday, Toronto paramedics were threatening to walk off the job. But an order by the Ontario Labour Relations Board has put a stop to that.

On Saturday, the board ordered an extension of the Essential Services Agreement to make sure enough ambulances and paramedics would be on duty for the huge event.

Earlier reports said paramedics planned to withdraw their services if their issues weren't seriously addressed at the bargaining table by Saturday evening.

As members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 416, paramedics are on strike with their fellow civic workers. But they must maintain certain staffing levels to ensure EMS can still respond to high-priority calls on time.


alexb said...

Glad i live in Mississauga .
By the way my word verification was "baser"
Could that acctualy mean something ?

Neo Conservative said...

i had no idea that availability of health-care in ontario could be affected by one's sexual preference.

one identifiable demographic deserves paramedics... while others do not?

and could the ontario labour relations board be held culpable for any non-pride day deaths during the the subsequent days and weeks of this job action?