14 June 2009

Mayor's office strangely silent...

...on rumoured ban on gardening implements... across the Greater Toronto Area...

Police in Scarborough started their day investigating pitch fork and machete attacks and ended it looking for a shooter after a bleeding man flagged down a cab for a ride to hospital.

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Nothing like a little...
Seven people have been arrested after two rival Tamil groups beat each other with baseball bats in Scarborough.

The fight erupted between the groups around 7 p.m. Saturday in Bluffers Park, near Kingston and Midland Rds.


Philanthropist said...

Toronto residents prefer to take their chances with psycho nutjobs wielding all kinds of weapons rather than allow a responsible person to own a handgun. The police will come to their aid eventually if it's not too much trouble.

Sammy said...

Oh dear! Would this be known as the "garden gate-gate?" And what about weedwackers? That's the AK47 of these kind of dangerous weapons isn't it? Will there be a new registry with differing categories? And what of the tradesmen and their tools of destruction? Is a trowel more deadly than a drywall mud tool?
I can see the wheels in TO city Council turning now.The possibilities are endless!

Neo Conservative said...

just you wait... if the nanny-state socialists manage to get elected we'll all be eating with plastic cutlery.

and i'm only half joking.