22 June 2009

Lord of the Flies

But I'll bet you dollars to donuts... "His Blondeness" will show up to take all the credit after the inevitable "settlement" is hashed out...

"I'm not going to comment on any particular issue. It’s not appropriate at this present time." The mayor insisted a negotiated settlement "not only can be reached but must be reached."

He said he has no plans to step into negotiations himself. "My role is not to be at the bargaining table; never has been, in any of these labour of negotiations. For a variety of reasons it doesn’t work."

He also refused to speculate on under what circumstances he might call for provincial mediators to arbitrate a settlement.


Gadget said...

It was just a matter of time before a city wide strike happened. As much as I try to ignore Toronto, I can never help noticing how often those in power raise their own salaries and justify their own expenses and perks, tax those who can't afford it, spend cash on frivolous or useless programs, find every way possible to squeeze an extra 5 cents from the public, and use every opportunity to force their nanny-state ideology on their city! Unfortunately, they never feel that their own city employees deserve the same considerations, and city council will rob from them to put money in their own pockets. Miller and his cronies have made their own bed and should lie in it. They have all this special authority bestowed on them to levy taxes, etc, which basically makes them their own country within Ontario. Miller has some gall hoping the province will come to his rescue.

Neo Conservative said...

"gadget says... they never feel that their own city employees deserve the same considerations"

you know what one of the larger sticking points in this contract is?

18 paid sick days = 3 weeks and 3 days of paid vacation.

on top of their... well... paid vacation.