30 June 2009

Pop Quiz

"Are you happy Abousfian Abdelrazik is back in Canada?"


kursk said...

Because of the asshats who want these people back, and the people who do not know who he is, or where he was or who he dealt with, Canada will continue to be a more dangerous place to live.

One day we will rue being so soft.

Neo Conservative said...

unlike dawg and canadian cesspool... i don't happen to believe the government simply targets folks without actionable intelligence.

just because joe lunchbucket doesn't get the whole story doesn't mean this guy is in the clear.

and don't give me any maher arar flapdoodle... read "dispersing the fog" by paul palango.

otoh... you can't just say he's a bad guy and leave it at that.

and that's why the scoc ruled we had to take him back.


langmann said...

Still disagree, if we have something to charge him with then charge him. If we don't then we have to let him come back.

If he is suspicious get a court order to wiretap him etc.

I'm not in favor of government bureaucracies having the power to ban entry of our own citizens.

Neo Conservative said...

unfortunately... that whole "canadians of convenience" thing tends to muddy the waters.

unless, of course, you're a lawyer.