21 June 2009

Farting through silk bedsheets

Maybe what Mayor Miller should be thinking about banning next... is unabashed greed...

All over North America, jobs are being slashed as companies fail or teeter on the brink. For those lucky enough to keep their jobs, many are facing pay cuts or mandatory unpaid days off. For the unemployed, finding a new job is near impossible, and most of the available jobs are part-time or contract-only.

And then there are Toronto's unionized workers, who are preparing to go on strike as early as this Monday, if the city continues to push for changes to their sick day allotment. Under the current system, employees have a whopping eighteen sick days per year.

Days that aren't used up can be used to retire early or can be cashed in at the end of their careers.
So what will a strike affect?
Household garbage, recycling, green bin and yard waste collection will be cancelled. Private garbage and recycling collection will continue in Etobicoke and at most condos and apartment buildings across city.

All scheduled meetings of Council, community councils, standing committees, advisory committees and task forces will be cancelled.

All City-run events scheduled on Nathan Phillips Square, Metro Square and other civic squares will be cancelled. All Environment Days scheduled during the labour disruption will be rescheduled.

Toronto Island ferry service will be cancelled.

Parks will be open for casual use only but all permits for parks, tennis courts, outdoor sports fields and civic squares will be cancelled.

All City community centres and fitness centres will be closed as will city pools, arenas, golf courses. wading pools and the Riverdale Farm.

All recreation programming, including camps, classes, drop-ins, clubs and city programming in community schools will be cancelled.

All child care centres directly operated by Toronto Children's Services are closed.

Five Toronto Public Library branches located in shared facilities with City services will close for the duration of the labour dispute.
Hey, it's not all bad news.

There won't be any parking tickets for the duration.

Party on, Toronto.



Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

Will the Pride Week be canceled>

Anonymous said...
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Neo Conservative said...

and bobby day aka "canadian cesspool" forges yet another comment under my name.

yup... dishonest and cowardly.


ddt said...

Toronto is moving to become a world class city like Detroit or Rio. Everyone gets to live in a slum in true socalist solidarity.

maryT said...

The Globe and Mail going on strike, city workers going on strike. A parent might learn it is great to stay home with the kids as daycares will be closed. Could be worse Iggy could have had his election and tried to get volunteers out to pick up the garbage.
Unions have outlived their usefulness, now they are greedy and want your money for no work.
The word verification is

Neo Conservative said...

and supremely self-important toronto wants the rest of us to pony up billions of dollars to fix up their crumbling socialist paradise?