28 June 2009

From the voluminous...

..."criminal genius" files...

-- CORNWALL –- An online forum dedicated to exposing people who allegedly have been drug informants for Cornwall police has been unearthed on the social networking site Facebook.
There's just one little glitch... apparently the hundred plus members of this little cabal... also posted their real names and profile photos. Said one commenter...
"I don't know much about selling drugs, but if I was a dealer I probably wouldn’t advertise it on Facebook. You guys are fucking geniuses. The group was probably started by the cops, if they were smart."

The group’s members openly share drug connections and anecdotes about drug deals that allegedly went wrong because of police informants.
Good grief.



Anonymous said...

no one said drug dealers were smart...it's only liberal and leftards that keep them in business...nuff said

Neo Conservative said...

well... i'm thinkin' it's actually junkies that keep them in business... and they're supremely self-involved and totally apolitical.

i'd be more inclined to blame the revolving-door justice system for perpetuating drug-dealing.


FREE said...

I drove cab for years and I never met a junkie or crack-head that wasn't either a liberano or a ndper.

Neo Conservative said...

crackheads actually wanted to talk politics... and not where their next rock was coming from?