20 June 2009

Toronto... another dead kid

Mayor's office reportedly working on plan to ban teenagers within city limits...

A Brampton teen is dead after a shooting last night in the city west of Toronto. Peel region police say officers found a 15-year-old boy suffering from life-threatening injuries near an elementary school just before 9 p.m.

Baden Willcocks was rushed to hospital where he died.

Homicide detectives are now investigating the circumstances around his death. They're trying to identify four young men who were last seen fleeing the scene in a gold-coloured vehicle.
Looks like i'm not the only person who gets upset about murder...Imagine that.


Yeah, folks... I know. Brampton... Toronto... they're just worlds apart.

You get it though, right?


Trish Zaremba said she saw the suspects run away from the scene. "The guy was like: 'I got him smack dab in his chest.' Like, he was proud of it and I just couldn't believe it!"

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Two people are in police custody following a stabbing in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Police say the incident happened outside and apartment building at Keele Street and Finch Avenue at about 12:30 a.m. on Saturday. A knife was recovered from the scene.


mark said...

technically Brampton is a separate city from Toronto.

Neo Conservative said...

"mark says... technically Brampton is a separate city from Toronto."

well mark, technically... brampton is part of the gta... (the greater toronto area, for the uninitiated)... a lovely bedroom community on toronto's northwest fringe.

and, lemme see... a 15 year-old kid is dead you're gonna quibble about a municipal boundary?

nice audible, peyton.


ddt said...

Perhaps the murderer would be something other than proud if he found himself on a scaffold with a rope around his neck.

Neo Conservative said...

in fuzzy-bunny socialist canada?

never happen, my friend.