24 June 2009

So, Anne-Marie, you're saying what?

That there's the odd vague rumour of substance & alcohol abuse within the aboriginal community?

She said there have been "rare" cases when hand sanitizer has been problematic in some communities where people have alcohol addictions.

When asked whether the concerns were raised by Health Canada officials or by leaders in the community, Ms. Robinson responded, "Both, over the years."
You know... that sounds so familiar.



Neo Conservative said...

and witness the inevitable result of growing up in a culture of victimisation...

"Some years ago I worked 'up north' as a teacher and was regularly assailed by my grade 9/10 students over how bad the government treated Aboriginals vs 'White Men'."

"Their proof was housing. They would look at newspapers from major southern cities and deduce from the Real Estate section that the government was against them because it 'gave the White Men much nicer houses than it gave Aboriginals'."

"My counter argument that the houses depicted in the newspapers didn't come from the government and had to be purchased was met with incredulity and accusations of lying."

"Socialism... killing native cultures around the world much more insidiously than any conqueror's Army ever could."

Posted by: Fred at June 24, 2009 4:59 PM