22 June 2009

Justice... Canadian Style

Drown Mom... score a free university education...

One of two Mississauga sisters convicted four years ago of killing their mother will be let out of prison and allowed to move to a halfway house. The woman, who cannot be identified, was granted early release so she can do university studies this fall.

The sisters were convicted in 2005 of killing their mother in 2003 by drowning her in the bathtub. The 22-year-old who was given early release was a minor at the time of the crime.

She will go to a halfway house in Barrie, Ont., and from there she will be allowed to take online courses with the University of Waterloo where she has been awarded a $2,000 scholarship.
Please tell me this story actually originated at the Onion.




syncrodox said...


I'm surprised Iggy hasn't managed to work the touching story of two young women who tried in vain to save their mother from the demons of alcoholism into the introduction of his latest tome.



Neo Conservative said...

premeditated murder = 4 years at club fed and a taxpayer-funded university education.

only in canada.