19 June 2009

Have Gun... Will Travel

Let's face it folks... only a total moron brings pepper spray to a gunfight....

Toronto police are set to take over safety patrols on the city's transit system — duties now the responsibility of the Toronto Transit Commission's officers. Toronto's Police Services Board voted unanimously on Thursday that the TTC's 118 special constables should come under the command of the regular police.
And this game-changer can't come soon enough...
In May, following a number of violent episodes on the TTC, 38 regular Toronto police officers were assigned to patrol the city's transit system.

The plan to have regular police patrols on public transit will be in place by the fall.


kursk said...

Toronto must be the last major city on the continent with a mass transit system that doesn't have armed officers patrolling it full time..

Neo Conservative said...

the thing is... in david miller's fuzzy-bunny socialist paradise... guns, and by extension, police, are bad... while criminals are merely misunderstood.

well, at least... until the bodies start to hit the ground.


Anonymous said...

When tourism declines because of the of violence, only then will positive steps be taken to curb this gangster mentality. Why would anyone visit the city? I have the option of spending my money in other cities. My last trip to Toronto was in the 90's, and I have no intention of visiting anytime soon. Fern StAlbert