03 February 2009

Yeah, sure... just like he "allowed"...

...the sun to rise this morning...
Don't worry, Puffin-Boy... I've heard it gets easier each time you do it.

Of course, there are always a few nay-sayers...

“It looks bad on Ignatieff and his control over his caucus,” said one long-time Liberal. The optics of going against a leader in a budget vote are not good, which is why MPs are usually disciplined.

In 2007, former Liberal MP Joe Comuzzi was kicked out of St├ęphane Dion's caucus for pledging to support the Conservative budget.

In 1996, John Nunziata was kicked out of Jean Chr├ętien's Liberal caucus for voting against the government's budget over what he considered a broken promise not to rescind the GST.

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...entitled to "their entitlements".
Obama ran as the candidate who will break the influence of corporate lobbyists, and Daschle wrote a finger-wagging book about how special interests have too much control over how government runs the health care sector.

Then we find that after Daschle left the Senate he, um, earned some $5.3 million over two years from those very special interests, who are already demanding favors.


Rich said...

And now he's toast too.
Two in one day.
It's a game of musical chairs....lessee....who's left.

Neo Conservative said...

the real story isn't that daschle got shitcanned... it's that all the rest of st barack's similarly flawed nominees got through.

i mean, the guy who signed off on the pardon for mark rich?



Rich said...

Right on; I wonder if the inept media might get off their knees,and do their job by actually investigating what is going on.

With political whack-a-mole as blatant as this,even the dumbest syncophants have to be scratching their heads.
Reality says it'll take at least another few months though.

Watch for Chris Dodd to go up in flames soon.

Neo Conservative said...

it just goes on and on.

during obama's campaign he painted hillary as some wannabe newbie poseur who sat in on state dinners because her husband was prez... after his election, suddenly she's secretary of state material?

oh, barf.


langmann said...

Umm, you mean those corporate interests like the car companies and the rest of the corporate hangers on, the big unions, and government lobbyists who are getting money from his bail-out?

Those special interests?

Here's the new guy much like the old guy....