21 February 2009

Come for "the deals"...

...stay for the penetrating cranial trauma...

When officers arrived on the scene they found the victim lying on the floor in the XSITE Cell Phones store on the lower level and he was suffering from a life-threatening gunshot wound. The dead man has now been identified Kit Chun Cheong, also known as Daniel, a Toronto resident.

No arrests were made and the shooter remains on the loose.

The gunman is described as black or brown, about 6-feet-tall, with a thin build and some facial hair.

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Police were also busy in North York on Friday night, where they spent the evening searching for suspects after an 18-year-old man was shot near Jane Street and Finch Avenue.


robins111 said...

Just goes to show, we need more social workers.

Or carry permits for law abiding citizens

Neo Conservative said...

well, you could also avoid the "pacific mall"... the gta's hotbed of counterfeit goods.


mauser98 said...

will Mayor Moron Racist Milller ban shooting sports during PanAm games ?

Neo Conservative said...

ah, yes... his blondeness...

"Mayor David Miller and his influential executive committee turned down a bid by councillors yesterday to hold public meetings on giving the mayor more power."

"Instead the committee voted to refer the issue to the mayor's office."