21 February 2009

Hope and Change and...

...gulag...what gulag???

-- BEIJING -- Co-operation between the US and China on global issues such as the economy and climate change was "imperative", said Mrs Clinton in Beijing.

She said that these would take precedence over points of friction between the two governments, such as human rights and Tibet.

"Our pressing on those issues (human rights, Taiwan and Tibet) can't interfere with the global economic crisis, the global climate change crisis and the security crises," she said.
Yeah... those pesky "points of friction", huh?
Amnesty International said Clinton had sent the wrong signal to the Chinese regime because the US was one of the few countries strong enough to stand up to China on human rights.

“Half a million people are currently in labour camps.
Thus, "The One" reveals himself... yet again.


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...I hope he brought his kneepads.



langmann said...

When I was young and naive I used to think that "at least the left cared about human rights."

It really seems to me that they have this double standard. Human rights should only exist in first world countries of European descent.

And we need to learn that other countries do things differently and that's alright.

That's about it.

robins111 said...

She's been living with Billy-Bob too long.

Points of Friction, well what springs to my mind is a Monica over the desk.

I guess, points of friction is apt, given whats happening to the US with her at the bargining table

Neo Conservative said...

this sec-state thing is just a pain-in-the-ass detour to the job she really covets.

and, make no mistake about it... shrillary would kneecap her grandmother to get there.

human rights... doing the right thing... it's all just annoying little hiccups on the winding road to taking obama's job away from him.