25 February 2009

Swatting "Bugz"

Here's an urban survival tip... if the guy standing next to you at the bus stop has a "street name"... you might wanna take a few steps to the side.

"Peter Joel Bowen, known as "Bugz," died in hospital shortly after the Sunday night ambush that began in the lobby of his Driftwood Ave. complex."
Don't take my word for it. Just ask "Scruffles"... or "Tactix"... or "Stackz".

Oh yeah... it also helps if... unlike "Spooky"... you skate around what the media Biblically refers to as... "violence-plagued neighbourhoods".



kursk said...

Driftwood = Deadwood

Here's some other street names..corpsey, stiff-o, slabby, ice (cold) , wormbait, capcatcher etc..

All of these would be appropriate monikers for the circulatory impaired.

Neo Conservative said...

"kursk says... Here's some other street names"

k... not sure why you'd feel you have to make names up... there's absolutely no shortage of actual silly nicknames out in the hood.

and it looks like there's a huge potential for recycling them too.


kursk said...

You are bang on..all kidding aside, that is a common thing seen in L.A. gang culture..legacy names..