22 February 2009

Must be the weekend

A man was clinging to life Sunday night after being shot, possibly numerous times, in a violence-plagued neighbourhood in the northwestern part of Toronto.

Toronto Police officers responded to a gun call at 245 Driftwood Ave. — northeast of Jane St. and Finch Ave. W. — around 7:10 p.m. and found the victim with life-threatening injuries.

The young man, believed to be about 19, was whisked away to the trauma centre at Sunnybrook hospital in critical condition.
Here's the obligatory affirmation of innate goodness from the Toronto Red Star...
"'It's usually a pretty safe neighbourhood. It's getting better. But people come here and cause trouble,' said Gord, who lives across the street from the apartment building and would not provide his last name."
Good grief.


UPDATE: Latest victim identified
The body of Peter Bowen, 20, was found in the driveway of a Driftwood Avenue apartment building on Sunday.

The murder is the city's eighth homicide of the year.
And yes, there's more...
Peel police confirmed today that the body of a man found in a high-end SUV in Brampton yesterday is that of missing Toronto restaurateur George Koutroubis.

English said there were obvious signs of trauma.

Koutroubis was part owner of trendy downtown restaurant Six Steps. Police had suggested Koutroubis may also be a bookie.


Powell lucas said...

And while this is going on a number of citizens in B.C. were holding a rally to protest the violence that is tearing apart the lower mainland. Attending this rally was the NDP's justice critic who voiced his solidarity with the protesters. Meanwhile back in Ottawa his cohorts block every attempr by the Tories to get tougher laws passed through the commons. The NDP is the most hypocritical political party in North America! At least the Liberals didn't have some party stooge in attendance trying to suck up a few more votes, but then maybe they didn't know about the rally.

kursk said...

..and other shocking news, just in..the sun will rise tomorrow, the sky is blue and the pope is Catholic.

They should build a wall around Jane/Finch, come back in a hundred years and check to see if they were able to sort the problem out.

Neo Conservative said...

in the 80's i lived in an apartment right on the corner of jane & finch.

there were hints of the area's future back then... but today?

multiple generations of single-parent welfare families whose idea of success is bling, babes, bullets and bongs.

sadly no real surprises here.


mauser98 said...

Mayor Moron Racist Miller has the answer to end violence. Ban Olympic target shooters.

Neo Conservative said...

dear mayor super dave...

owning a gun doesn't make you a killer.

killing someone does.


ddt said...

Usually a pretty safe neighbourhood?

If you live in the wonderful daydream world of multicult it may be safe in spite of the shootings every other week.

In the Red Star world the police are the bad guys and the gangsters are the victims.