21 February 2009

Dear Dumbass Steve Paikin

I bet you wish you were as smart as me... yours truly, Warren.


UPDATE: Jonathan Kay weighs in...

"Now, it turns out there's another reason to respect Paikin: He stands up to windbag bullies who attempt to censor his show — even windbag bullies who work for Michael Ignatieff and try to pull strings with higher-up in the Ontario government."

LAST WORD: Steve Paikin spanks the K-Man
"Later that same day, I received another email from Warren informing me that he was emailing the Minister of Education to ask her to pressure us to “unbook” Kathy Shaidle, and that if we didn’t, there would be significant consequences for TVO and The Agenda. He did, indeed, email the Minister."

"Well, now we’ve got a different story, right? Now, it’s no longer a story about the appropriateness of our choosing Kathy to appear on the program."

"Now it’s a story about a well known Liberal Party operative threatening us (with what? We didn’t know) unless we did what he said


Anonymous said...

I think Steve Paikin is the most objective, thoughtful, provoking, and even handed journalist in Canada. I would like to seem him on the national level some day.

Neo Conservative said...

no, no... that can't be... warren assures us that paikin is not nearly as wise and wonderful as, er... well... warren.


Rose said...

Kinsella is a washed up has been, desperately clinging to mere scraps of media attention. He's the moral equivalance of the obituary section of the Liberal Party of Elites from on GTA High.

No one cares what he thinks, his blog is as exciting to read as watching paint dry.

Anonymous said...

I understand why you link back to WK's website but please also reproduce the body of the posting. I absolutly refuse to give WK any hit traffic on my account.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon asks... please also reproduce the body of the posting"



Steve, your posting is disingenuous. Some would say it is worse.

1. If our correspondence was personal, why did you immediately forward it to others within TVO? Why did you quote it, in its entirety, on the TVO website, without permission?

2. A reading of my emails to you, which - as noted, you posted - will reveal no "threats." It was me - and, as you well know - many, many other people, reacting to TVO's big mistake. That is, its decision to provide a platform to a proud racist, one with no expertise in the subject-matter, and one who in fact had suggested on her web site you "disinvite" her.

3. I contacted the Minister responsible, as I clearly noted in the first sentence, as a citizen. I do not lose my rights to object to TVO's bad editorial judgment simply because I am, as you say, a "Liberal Party operative."

4. Shaidle's words speak for themselves. The fact that you brought her on again without doing a quick Google search is awful; the fact that you brought her on anyway, after being supplied with many cited examples of her statements, is far worse.

5. I don't need content for my web site. Perhaps you do, however, which now explains why you lobbied me to place a link to your blog on my web site.

I wrote to you a few days ago to try and persuade you to avoid making a mistake. I write to you now to continue to object to the decision that was made - and to object to the fact that you are clearly attempting to make something else, or someone else, the story.

When the story, again, is the stupid decision TVO made.





langmann said...

I'm still missing the part where Warren humbly bans himself from TVO for being a racist...

Blazing Cat Fur said...

You can see screen shots of Kinsella's swill at my place - Good stuff Neo!


Anonymous said...

Thanx Neo. I hope you understand my position on this.

Babylonian777 said...

I haven't even read what Kinsella wrote, but from my understanding of who Warren is (war-on-Terror, War-on-Drugs, War-on-Pakin, hardly a War-on-Kinsella, almost always a War-on-everybodyelse) and who Steve is, I will default that Warren is being his regular "ceremony and pomp" bombastic self.

Probably not a wise thing to take on the Paikin. Even if Paikin is at fault, from a P.R. perspective, Paikin wins by default, the guy is so much more humble and collected then guns-blazzin Kinsella.

Ed Yee said...

Warren just seems to be a middle-aged frat boy that made his name by winning with Chretien years and years ago when it was next to impossible to lose.

It's a shame that Warren is so Jekyll/Hide-ish in his blog postings. He's quite readable, informative and reasonable when he doesn't have a stake in the political game, but he's literally a Jackass when he has a horse in the race.
What worked years ago with Chretien by Warren is still being used today, but this time it just looks like Warren has left the reservation and Iggy may soon have to gag the Chinese Cat Eater.

Neo Conservative said...

remember when special k decided to get in on judging that smart woman contest?

"So, to recap... Libnip and Kinsella, the self-anointed judges of all that is good, smart and female in the Canadian Blogosphere, will soon grace us with their decision about the very smartest Canadian womyn bloggers."


gimbol said...

He is one of those folks referred to as....I'll parse this in diplomatic terms...naively useful individuals.
He's not someone I would assign a front line position, much less any position that dealt with day to day decision making. What he should be assigned to (and what his worshipped ex-boss was wise enough to do) backdoor muck racking and drive-by attacks. See that way, if he ever does something monumentally stupid, he is far enough removed from the leadership to give plausibility to "errant hanger-on" by-line on the bottom of page six instead of "key leadership advisor causes rucus over slurs" running on the headlines of every national newspaper and repeated ad nausium on the news channels till he gets thrown under the bus by his boss.
If he was half as good as he thought he was....well I'll put it this way...Why would a laywer need a part-time job?

Neo Conservative said...

this just keeps getting better and better...

-- main post updated --


Anonymous said...

"I think that he's just pissed that he wasn't invited on TVO with Kathy. I might be wrong, but I think that Warren's secretly in love with the idea of Five Feet of Fury mating with his Six and a Half Feet of Misguided Narcissim."

Neo Conservative said...

as steve paikin points out... special k wasn't so fussy the last time he was on the show...

"Warren has been a guest on The Agenda several times, and, in fact, had been a guest with Kathy Shaidle on The Agenda in 2007."

funny how that works.


syncrodox said...


This is nothing more than a pathetic attempt by "Catsmeat" the Bathroom Nazi Hunter to change the channel.

When one totally fucks up their racist slaying credibility like Catsmeat did a public display of righteous indignation aimed at your ideological opposite is the only option.

Catsmeat is first and foremost interested in what's good for Catsmeat's image.

His next book should be entitled "Eating Cat, Being an Ass and Playing with Shit in Canadian Politics.


Anonymous said...

If Kinsella was so bold (well..stupid really) to try to tell Paikin what to do to protect our little ears and eyes from Kathy, how many other so-called journalists has he contacted with the same trick?
Good for Paikin!!
BTW..Kathy irritates me sometimes, but so what? I still go to her blog to catch up on the real world, and it's MY CHOICE!!. I don't need Kinsella interfering. It's quite easy to change the channel.


Neo Conservative said...

special k is like the king midas of the canadian political arena... anything he's touched in recent memory has instantly turned to shit.


Anonymous said...

Do you think?
Let's try something here:
Someone from the CPC gets in touch with Paiken and lays down the law, telling Paikin he should not have (let's just say for the sake of argument) Morgentaler on his show.
How fast would that get blown up all over the medi and dragged on and on as PMSH's fault?

My guess: 30 minutes to air it, and drag it out for 30 days minimum.

anon @7:02 I agree.Thanks for posting that neo...I cringe whenever I get linked there without a warning.