20 February 2009

Freaky Friday

So today I crossed paths with the delightful young man, who... among his many other unorthodox accomplishments... spat on the Belleville war memorial during last year's Remembrance Day services.

This individual was just careening around downtown Belleville, screaming at passing automobiles, pedestrians... and whatever other demons were in his immediate orbit... when he decided, to the absolute dismay of non-psychotic folk in the immediate area... to pick up a sandwich board and start doing his A-Rod imitation.

At this point, the police were summoned... and to make a long story short, despite his colourful personal history... nothing, apart from, apparently, a cautionary word to said delusional person... was done.

See, explained the cop, the Ontario Mental Health Act notwithstanding... he didn't actually hit anyone... so we're just gonna let this one slide. Now, this will likely be of very small consolation to the person that "Mr Plan 9 from Outer Space" eventually lobotomises with street signage... but hey... that's simply how the cookie crumbles.

Silly me... I had thought that police were authorised, under the MHA, to detain anyone who was deemed to be a threat to themselves, or others... but I guess I was mistaken. We wouldn't want to force anyone to, say... take their meds.

Not to worry... there will be other opportunities to render assistance here. This unfortunate drifter will, no doubt, soon be back in the public spotlight... hopefully without some innocent bystander's blood on his hands.


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...until somebody's under the train...

-- TORONTO -- The man accused of trying to kill three Toronto teenagers at a subway station last week was suffering “auditory hallucinations” directing him to kill people, a judge heard Friday before ordering him to undergo a 30-day psychiatric assessment.


langmann said...

You really need to read "Madness in the Streets" it explains perfectly how the law and the left has been killing people with their philosphy on mental illness for years now.

I almost wonder why I am referring people to psychiatry after I spend tax money rescuing their bodies from the poison or damage they have done to themselves. They almost always get discharged within a day.

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... They almost always get discharged within a day."

perhaps this explains why the cops just wanna shine this guy on. if you know you're gonna spend your whole shift processing paperwork... only to see him tossed the next day... well...


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the end result would have been the same if this had occured in an airport terminal?

Neo Conservative said...

"cc-nonymous says... if the end result would have been the same"

unfortunately... the spaceman in this story was able to approximate cooperation and sanity for the two minutes the local police devoted to this incident.

but i will save your comment for the inevitable incident where he harms some innocent bystander, or kills himself.


JA Goneaux said...

Similar thing happened to me once. It was a family picnic, and an uninvited guest at the park went from irritating to severely disturbing very quickly.

The cops came, did nothing, and left. Another example of FIDO (* it Drive On...).

Idiot came back, bragged that the cops couldn't do anything, and my cousin, who probably should also be under an order of some sort, took care of the matter by knocking the asshole out cold with one punch.

And no, Dawgie, I'm not advocating violence. But the disturbed guy obviously was. It seems like a reasonable solution...

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... And no, Dawgie, I'm not advocating violence. But the disturbed guy obviously was."

this guy is a frequent flyer at the local public library (it's warm) and it's only a matter of time before he menaces the wrong person or, more to the point, the wrong person's child... and gets tuned up.

if he won't stay on his meds... this guy, despite the squeals from dawg & stoogeleft... needs to be locked down.