22 February 2009

Lovely Lotus Land...

...where taking someone's life... can get you grounded...

A Burnaby, B.C., man convicted of manslaughter in the 2005 death of a popular Afghan singer will not face any jail time.

Ahmad Froogh, 22, was handed a two-year conditional sentence on Friday that will be served in his parents’ home. He was also sentenced to three years probation.

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Eileen Mohan, whose son Chris was an innocent victim of the Surrey six slayings, said gangsters are making a mockery of the justice system.

"They can use our Charter rights — our sacred Charter rights — to set them free," she said to cheers from the crowd.

She said politicians have only paid lip service to the problem plaguing the region. "They go to Ottawa and they look after themselves instead of us.”


Rural and Right said...

Yet more of the Liberal "Its not poor Ahmad's fault" hug a convicted murderer mentality.

2 years of Nintendo, movies, pizza, at mommy and daddy's penitentiary got to be hard time.

Would we be asking too much for 10 lashes with a wet noodle to add more harsh punisment to this misguided young man's sentence?

Neo Conservative said...

as far as i'm concerned... a gang of bank robbers hits a bank and the elderly teller drops dead of a heart attack... the get-away driver, even if he's a block away, should take the full weight as well.

this isn't about intent... it's about the fatal consequences of a criminal act.

or... you can live in beautiful hug-a-thug british columbia.


maryT said...

How long before the citizens of BC start acting like the citzens of Mexico. Enough is enough.

Powell lucas said...

A large rally was held in B.C. today to protest the increasing level of violence. With sentences like this being handed out, these poor folks were just wasting their time. This kind of judicial blasphemy just gives the criminals a green light to continue their reign of terror.
Of course, the NDP justice critic was there to lend support to the rally while his party continues to block every effort by the Conservatives to toughen the laws. What a farce!

Neo Conservative said...

powell... thx for that.

-- main post updated --