20 February 2009

Shaidle says let's free Chris Selley...

...so he can find the "real killers"...

Chris Selley is madder at Pamela Geller for wanting to buy Asqa Parvez a gravestone than he is at the guy who put her in the ground.

He also compares Parvez's murder to an airplane accident. Yes, her father's "engine failed" and he accidentally fell upon her from a great height."
Says the furious one...
"Personally, I blame some Canada geese."
My personal favourite was Lloyd Robertson doing oratorical backflips... to avoid using the word "strangled."
"Her neck was compressed, to the point she couldn't breathe."

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...and make this one better too...
-- ISLAMABAD -- Police say a bomb has killed at least six mourners at a funeral in northwestern Pakistan for a slain Shiite Muslim leader.

City police official Miran Shah says at least six people have died and that others wounded by the explosion have been rushed to a hospital.

CORRECTION: Oops... those figures were wrong
A suicide bomber killed 27 people and wounded 65 Friday in an attack on a funeral procession.
Alright... carry on.



Blazing Cat Fur said...

Chris Selley aspires to be Lying Jackal Lite;)

Neo Conservative said...

what "aspire"?

anyone who can scream out the word "racist" is already there.