23 February 2009

C'mon... give yourself a shake

This is fuzzy-bunny politically-correct Canuckistan. You can turn babies into popsicles and still be a victim... if you have the right "cultural credentials".

The only surprise here is that this guy was ever tried in the first place.


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"Here we have a situation where a once-proud union has sunk so low as to have a small group put forward a motion that is, on its face, bigoted and discriminatory and anti-Jewish," said Bernie M. Farber, chief executive officer of the Canadian Jewish Congress, who argues that the motion is discriminatory because it targets a single country.

He notes that the union isn't, for instance, calling for a boycott of Sudan over alleged human rights abuses in Darfur.

"The sole target is Jews, is Israel."


Anonymous said...

You know I admire most immigrants who come to this country, many are friends of mine. One good friend ran with the Iraqi army chasing him out of Kuwait. Another jumped a fence with the Polish Army shooting at him and his brother. They made something of themselves despite the hardships they faced. They didn't do with government support (Both have a mistrust of government) But when I look at the native population of this land I can't figure it out. The money that is thrown at the Native problem is obscene. The last time the world saw that much money wasted was on the set of "Battlefield Earth" Now they're screaming they need different parts of our society paid for by the rest of us. Health, Justice, where will it end. And a continuation of that thought last week we saw that loveless Jane Taber call out the Tory Senator for driving a Porsche while so many of his fellow Natives were driving 1986 K-cars. Well maybe we should be calling out the numerous native chiefs who "earn" 250 000 before perks to poorly watch over less than 2000 people.

Neo Conservative said...

again... i can only say... let's get rid of the bastions of corrupt, nepotistic socialism that are keeping abriginal people down.

one people, one law.


Anonymous said...

I agree, stop these racist policies! One Nation, One Law

Rose said...

I think the time has come to investigate CUPE for anti-semitic behavior. It appears the pro-Hamas side has hyjacked the Union. It's sickening, isn't it CSIS mandate to infiltrate and investigate this kind of subversive groups' actions and behavior? The ramifications of a major union lobbying against a free nation is absurb and sickening. I've never been a fan of unions but this one is despicable beyond words.

Watching native reserves fight addictions, epidemic births with fetal alchol syndrome, poverty, gas sniffing etc I feel like I'm watching assisted suicides enmasse. In thirty years we won't have to honour said treaties because no one will be around to negotiate with. I blame their leaders, or lack there of not the Government. It's time to own up and man up and integrate with Canada society. Tribal Systems don't work, look at Africa and what tribalism has done to them.

maryT said...

Maybe it is time to fire all members of CUPE, like Reagan fired all air traffic controllers. Or, better yet, take away their right to be a union. Until I see all cupe members who are against this stage a massive protest, I will assume they all support it. I can't believe we have that may bigots in Canada. This is what happens when the decent union members don't go to meetings, or vote on leadership.
How much are these people paying per year to belong to this group.