22 February 2009

Yeah... that's what i thought

Should the National Battlefields Commission have bowed to the threat of violence and cancelled plans for a 250th anniversary re-enactment of the battle on the Plains of Abraham?
Yup... threaten people with violence... AND YOU WIN!!!

There's a message we wanna be sending out to the general populace.


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Sure, Pauline... you pay off your share of the national debt... and btw, we're gonna be needing all those tanks & planes back too.



Anonymous said...

Thank God the French have finally won the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. Can we now have some peace! Life has been unbearable to date. I am grateful that France will now take over the running of this country, if only in name alone. I wonder if the French will grant independance - it will probably take 250 years, hope the sovereignists can wait that long.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm kinda pissed off about the latest tax assessment on our house and property... i wonder if mpac will "bow to the threat of violence" and cancel plans to slam us with yet another annual increase.


Brian Gardiner said...


Can the rest of Canada please, please have a referendum on kicking Quebec out?