24 February 2009

President McDreamy goes to Defcon 2

Oh my gawd... he's pullin' out the big gun.


Who's on deck... Celine Dion?
I think you forget that Clooney played a CIA agent in Syrianna, a soldier in Three Kings, and a colonel in Peacemaker, of course his advice is important.

He is far more knowledgeable than most in the new Whitehouse.
You sure won't get any argument from me.


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"Indeed. Over here at PMO we're still reeling from the Liberal "coup" of paying a newswire company to put a picture up in Times Square."

"The best we could do on short notice is line up the UN Sec Gen, business leaders, and five media interviews in NYC."

"Must. Work. Harder. To. Keep. Up. With. Genius. Ignatieff."
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ian said...

Not wishing to diminish the situation in Darfur but the report stated
"Clooney said the 250,000 refugees living in the camps are "hanging on by the skin of their teeth" (a colloquial phrase used to describe the refugees' precarious situation)."
Colloquial is a word you either know or you don't [so how much help is that explanation?]however "hanging on by the skin of their teeth" paints a word picture that needs no explanation.

Neo Conservative said...

no one is gonna dispute that, as we speak, darfur is one of the most hellish places on earth... (closely followed by a dozen other lesser african infernoes).

my point here is... obama is the head of the most technologically advanced state on earth... he has the resources of the joint chiefs, the cia... the freakin' nsa probably has real time video of sudanese cabinet meetings... but he's calling in george clooney?

who's on deck... celine dion?

my kid knows about darfur. homeless people know about darfur. the difference is obama could do something about it.

but "the one" has to consult with clooney?


here we go again... hope and change... and where's my tmz.


Rose said...

Regan was a movie star elected as President, Obamanation is a President who wants to be a movie star. Clooney is just one star in a long line of stars that will be consulted on global crisis instead of qualified people. Tiss the Obama, bows down, way.

Anonymous said...

While he's at it, why doesn't he call in an expert like Ja Rule? (fans of Dave Chappelle will recognize this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mo-ddYhXAZc )

ddt said...

Reagan was the governor of California for 8 years, was in the army and destroyed the Soviet Union. Outside of looking pretty and reading lines someone else wrote for them what have Clooney and Obama vere done?

Neo Conservative said...

so far, obama looks like all hope... and zero change.

that's nice though, that he has clooney on speed dial. it'll make for lively whitehouse dinner conversation.


David said...

I think you forget that Clooney played a CIA agent in Syrianna,a soldier in Three Kings,and a colonel in Peacemaker,of course his advice is important. He has far more knowledgeable than most in the new Whitehouse. Obama would be a fool to ignore advice from such well informed and wealthy sources and besides Clooney is photo -op friendly Duh!

Neo Conservative said...

"david says... He is far more knowledgeable than most in the new Whitehouse."

that reminds me... gotta start on that backyard bomb shelter tomorrow.



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