26 February 2009

Ask a Harvard educated academic...

"Obama can see Canada from his house!"

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"You know why nobody messes with Joe? Because picking on a retard is wrong."


jckirlan said...

Oh man so funny, The left are such hippocrites.

Neo Conservative said...

well... that's actually hypocrites & irredeemable liars.


Charles said...

The funny thing is that Illinois in the only northern Great Lake state that has no connection to Canada; it is not a frontier state. The lake that Chicago is on is Lake Michigan(the only all American Great Lake). So Obama could only possibly directly connect to Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missori, or Kentucky from where he lived.The closest direct way to anywhere in Canada would be Windsor Ont.(about 300 miles driving through Indiana and Michigan). Which goes even further to prove Iggy knows little about the States and less about Canada; if Harper or Bush made an analogy like Iggy's it would be all over the news about how uninformed and stupid they must be.

Neo Conservative said...

"charles says... Which goes even further to prove Iggy knows little about the States and less about Canada"

well, charles... in all fairness... iggy hasn't lived in canada for what... almost 4 decades?

shows you just how far the fiberals had to go to get an untainted candidate.


Michael said...

Yeh...and no trade happens by way of shipping on Lake Michigan...ever. And certainly nothing travels there by truck or rail, even if it has to go through another state first. Ever. The very fact that a truckload of Canadian goods has to rumble down an interstate through Michigan or wherever for a few hours before getting to Chicago definitely disqualifies that point. Good grief!

And no, that wasn't Palin's point. Palin was talking about international relations mostly with respect to foreign policy (i.e. war) not trade policy...and certainly not with a close (i.e. friendly) neighbour with whom you share the greatest trade relationship in the world.

Your arguments are all very amateur.

Neo Conservative said...

"michael pouts... Your arguments are all very amateur."

i'm very sorry the discourse here isn't quite up to your usual intellectual standards michael.

but you and the puffin king sure showed us, huh?

"all hail iggy... for he has touched obama's sacred hem".

that work for you?