23 February 2009

Premier McSlippery and his gang...

...sure talk a good game... just don't ask them to actually do anything...

Their reign of terror began with taunts about her nice clothes -- outfits she'd bought herself after long hours at her part-time job. Then it was derogatory names because she dared to excel at their vocational school and shunned drugs and alcohol.

They called her a slut; they spread rumours about her at school. They went on Facebook and MSN and told her friends to ditch her.

"It should have been dealt with right away when I was first seeking help," she insists earnestly. "People just talk (about bullying) but there's no action."

"A lot of things I went through are happening to a lot of people and nobody's doing anything about it. I thought someone would reach out and help me but nobody did."
What would you do if a wolfpack was terrorising your child?

More than Dalton and Education Minister Kathleen Wynne... would be my guess...
-- TORONTO -- Delinquent Ontario students are going to be supported -- and not automatically suspended or expelled from school -- this fall after the province abolishes zero-tolerance policies that have prompted appeals to the province's human-rights commission, Education Minister Kathleen Wynne said yesterday.
So we actually had a zero-tolerance policy in place to cover exactly this type of situation... but the Liberals killed it back in 2007. And the little thugs who are making this girl's life a living hell... are gonna be "supported"?!?

The McSlippery regime then spent a further 2 million taxpayer dollars trying to justify their irrational fuzzy-bunny policies.

Where is the "support" for poor Lindsay Hyde.

Funny how that works.



Rose said...

How sad, she should of been protected instead she was ignored. Typical, absolutely typical.

Neo Conservative said...

well, the reality is... this poor girl is simply a victim... thus not part of the liberal party's target demographic of "transgressors"... who, apparently, automatically receive that heaping measure of mcslippery "support".



maryT said...

What would the results have been if a parent had treated a chld like this.