22 February 2009

So I'm sitting here...

...waiting for the 11 o'clock news, which has been pre-empted by the Oscars... and after listening to just minutes of this uber-saccharine, mutual admiration society... composed mostly of otherwise unemployable multi-millionaire dilettantes... I have an uncontrollable urge to throw up.

No wonder so many of these "hollow shells" end up killing themselves with alcohol and drugs.

Who really enjoys watching this ostentatious, unashamed sybarite's circle jerk?

And more to the point... why?

And that's not a rhetorical question.


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Anonymous said...

Neo..I hear ya!!
Of couse they are all experts on politics, war, and climate change...so really we should pay some attention to them,eh?

Pass the Gravol...


Powell lucas said...

These self-congratulatory love fests are nearly as bad as the fawning boot licking displayed by the TV networks in their 24 hour coverage of Mr. Obama's recent visit.

Sammy said...

Well Neo,you need to smoke a lot more of that 'crazy hay' to get that whole Hollywood thang!

Paul Holmes said...

I love it!

Of course I am (always) disappointed with all the politics of the whole song and dance.

But I wasn't disappointed with the song and dance of Wolverine!

Hugh Jackman, you dancing machine!

Neo Conservative said...

yeah... it's true... i just don't get it.

the hollywood machine puts this shallow, glitzy extravaganza together... for the sole purpose of very publicly grooming each other like celebrity chimps.

do they really believe their "work", their "art" is a life-changing force... like, say... a talented writer, or the hands of a good surgeon?

what they do... is a puppet show, albeit on a grander scale... it's something people watch on friday nights, instead of reading books or talking to each other, for gawd's sake. and they get ridiculous amounts of money for doing it... which, african adoption aside, mostly finances criminally conspicuous excess in their personal lives.

how many of these celebrities have been down rehab road? or better yet, like heath ledger... gone to that big stage in the sky?

but the oscars??? that's the marx brothers jerkin' off on roller skates.

it's embarrassing. more so because these self-involved puppeteers actually seem to believe they are somehow better than their fellow apes.

and the folks who gobble up this sputum up from the comfort of their own homes?

good grief.


Anonymous said...

celebrity chimps. LOL good one Neo.
Hollywood actors make me puke, what they give in entertainment is worth a plate of food and no more.