29 October 2008

McCain outgunned

"On Sunday, Oct. 26, McCain ran just 331 TV ad units in those seven states — 308% fewer than the 1,350 ad units Obama ran that day."


Oh boy... two links in two days... that CC must really like me. But that's just the kind of guy he is... a champion of the oppressed.

Well, except... you know...
Yessirree... good ol' Canadian Cynic... brave, principled and way beyond articulate.



Cranky or Just A Crank said...

I am not quite sure how you have over 300% fewer of anything. It may be the old math, but once you have 100% less than someone else, I think that you have nothing. I suppose they could that number if McCain started running ads for Obama.

Lack of basic math skills aside, I didn't see anywhere in the article about how Obama was buying the election.

Seeing as, as of over a week ago, he has spent more than Bush did in 2004 and Obama still has his infomercial tonight.

Neo Conservative said...

well, you can certainly quibble about the way the numbers are presented with the nielsen people themselves... i provided the link to the data.

simply thought it was an interesting comparison of the way the two campaigns are deploying late in the day.