28 October 2008

A plague upon the land

Yes... lawyers...

-- MEDICINE HAT -- An Alberta girl convicted last year of the premeditated slayings of her parents and little brother is doing well in therapy and should be given more freedom as she completes the maximum 10-year sentence for her crimes, a court heard Monday.

The girl, who is now 15 but who killed her family at the age of 12, is “engaging well and participating” in psychotherapy and group activities, and has exhibited “very few difficulties” since being sent to secure custody in a forensic psychiatric hospital, defence lawyer Tim Foster told the Court of Queen's Bench in Medicine Hat.
"Very few difficulties, Tim? You mean she hasn't murdered anybody else yet?"
A jury convicted her last year of three counts of first-degree murder in the 2006 stabbing deaths of her mother, father and eight-year-old brother in their Medicine Hat home.

UPDATE: Two more stabbings... another Liberal solution

So... first to Don Mills...
"I think that having the adults in the schools paying attention is the most important thing that we can do."
And, wait for it...
Four teenagers are facing assault and weapons charges after a 16-year-old girl was stabbed in the torso and chest in a fight over a boy near Dennis O'Conner Catholic High School in Ajax on Friday.

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... a firm adherent of "If you can't say anything nice..." policy...
"He had recently helped an acquaintance move a sofa, said another one, who expressed shock at his death."

LAST WORD: In Dalton McSlippery's Ontario...

...there's no such thing as a bad boy...
On Feb. 9, 2005, in the early evening, Mr. Weese shot a man in the arm on Sherbourne Street. He faced eight charges, including aggravated assault and carrying a concealed weapon.

The Crown withdrew all of the charges but one and on Jan. 18, 2006, Mr. Weese pleaded guilty to discharging a firearm.


Zorpheous said...

Well Neo-Nutz, explain what should happen to a 12 year old child who is is convicted of murder?

Electric Chair?
Lethal Injection?
Death by Stoning?

You keep pointing out these things in the criminal justice system that upset you, yet you offer no solutions.

Pony up boy, tell us how to solve and justify your work.

Neo Conservative said...

"zorpheus screams into the void... Electric Chair... Hanging... Lethal Injection... Death by Stoning?"

geez, zorph... tough day down at the soup kitchen? i hope you don't kiss your, er... partner (hey, i don't wanna presume)... with that nasty, hurtful mouth.

funny... nobody said anything about executing children... well, you know... apart from you.

you realise... this poor child, through no fault of her own... wait...

anyway, little lizzie borden no longer has a family... you could start the paperwork to adopt her today. i'm not sure how well i'd be sleeping at night, though.

my solution... psych facility... forever.

your turn.


Zorpheous said...

Ignoring the top 95% of comment, since it is meaningless. Let's deal with your solution.

"my solution... psych facility... forever."

So you would sentence this child to permanent incarceration, until she dies, in psych facility. That's your solution.

From this I gather you believe

1) she can never be rehabilitated.
2) she as a 12 year has the mental cognitive skills equal to an adult and therefore should be held as accountable.
3) even if medical professionals feel that she is "cured" and poses no threat to society in the future, that she should not then be transfered to a proper prison for adults.

You don't offer a solution here Neo, except to spend and approximate $3,000,000.00 tax dollars to permanently incarcerate a 12 year old girl. You going to foot that bill?

Neo Conservative said...

"peace moonbeam zorpheus says... You don't offer a solution here Neo"

geez, zorph... unlike yourself, huh? hang on, i know your solution is here somewhere.

hang on a sec, you're mistaken, i did... and as for footing the bill... now you're gonna put a price on people's lives, or more to the point, their deaths?

and yes, call me wacky... i'd rather spend money keeping sociopaths off the street... than say, facilitating everybody's heroin addiction.

and zorph... what happened to the strident cry of the silk-stocking socialist... "if it only saves one life..."

oh right... we're only gonna worry about the people inside the prison walls.



Zorpheous said...

Let me correct a few of your errors here Neo,

1) I am not a socialist
2) Question I ask of you do mean I support a position that you imagine I do based on assumption that you assume those question are based.

Now we come to rub of your solution and questions you avoided in answering.

From my first statement I list various forms of the death penalty. From your answers, I gather, that you don't feel it is good solution to put this 12 year old murder to death right? Yes or No?

You also seem to agree that this child is mental disturbed, hense locker her up for life in Mental Hospital. Yes or No?

From all of this, I gather you feel that children are just as responsible as adults and should therefore be held just as accountable, Yes or No?

Also from this I gather you feel that mentally ill children are just as responsible as adults and should therefore be held just as accountable, Yes or No?

Now let me be clear here Neo. I have zero sympathy for people who use guns during the commissions of crimes, I have no sympathy for those who kill or wound or rob people with any sort of weapon. I think bail conditions are far to easily granted in many cases. So you can take that Social Hug A Thug POV you have of me and place straight where is belongs, in the trash.

Now I will tell you this, I am one of those people who believes that crime prevention is every bit as important and punishing crime. I also believe that is is complete economical impractical not to provide rehabilitation to those we incarcerate. Permanent incarceration is a very, very expensive solution and I for one am not will to foot that bill, not without at least trying to prevent and remove individuals from the system.

Neo Conservative said...

"zorpheus says... I am one of those people who believes that crime prevention is every bit as important and punishing crime."

that's a great idea zorph... lemme know when you iron the bugs outta that time machine... and i'll travel back with you... preventing crimes before they happen.

and say, scooby... i still haven't heard your solution here.


Anonymous said...

You cannot rehabilitate psychopaths. They are what they are.

They have no conscience, they have no feelings for anyone else but themselves.
It's as if part of the brain that makes a person truly human, empathy for others, never developed.

They can kill even their parents and a little brother. They can kill strangers for the 'thrill.' Serial killers are psychopaths. They are cold manipulative and completely incapable of feeling anything resembling love and compassion. They simply do not really understand those feelings, just as a blind person cannot understand colour.
They know how to pretend to be like everyone else for self-preservation. Self- indulgence, self-preservation is their life. They cannot be 'healed.' Society needs to be protected from these people.

Let's hope that one day someone will be able to find out what happens in the developing brain to cause this.

Anonymous said...

You have to love it: the alleged shooter's brother and mother (of course) say it can't be their boy.

This despite TWO previous weapons charges...