22 October 2008

Just say no

Sorry, folks... if we don't get to hang him... this guy should be serving, at minimum... six life sentences...

A man who killed six members of the same B.C. family more than 25 years ago will face his first parole hearing Wednesday at Bowden Institution in central Alberta.

In August 1982, David Ennis, who then went by the last name Shearing, killed George and Edith Bentley, their daughter Jackie Johnson, son-in-law Bob and grandchildren Janet, 13, and Karen, 11.

UPDATE: Back to the slammer, you evil p.o.s.
Mr. Ennis told the board that he should be granted parole because he'd like to make a positive contribution to society.

The board did not immediately give any reasons, but denied his request for both day and full parole.


Anonymous said...

If we don't have the fortitude to protect our society from such savage beasts by executing them, we should at least be able to sentence them to life in prison.

Life is cheap to a person like that, we need to judge his by his own standards.

Murray the Hun said...

This man is surely beyond rehabilitation. He should never be allowed into free society again. Never.

Honey Pot said...

I can't even believe they are going through the motions of a parole hearing.

We can thank our lucky stars the liberals are not in power, or he would be out, walking amongst us.

The justice system really does need an overhaul. All that disgusting crap left over from the liberal rule keeps seeping out of the cracks.

Anonymous said...

Why is this creep still alive?
Whatever happened to jailhouse justice, this guy tortured and raped those two young girls forcing one to watch the other being violated and murdered.

If he gets out, he WILL re-offend.
More will die, unless he dies first.

Neo Conservative said...

" Honey Pot says... I can't even believe they are going through the motions of a parole hearing."

you have to shake your head and ask yourself... what do these dumbsticks actually believe in?

it sure isn't justice.


Honey Pot said...

This is one of the reasons the liberals lost the election.

People, thinking people, are so sick of the soft on crime nonsense that has been shoved down our throats by the left.

It is a good thing the conservatives have destroyed the liberal party.

That creature needs to be killed, and whoever kills it will be considered a hero.

syncrodox said...


He is housed in the Bowden Pen which specializes in housing sex offenders.

In addition they house fed inmates considered to be low violence risks. Inmates are allowed to post their "paperwork" which is to say everyone knows what and for how long everyone else is in for.

Those doing relatively short sentences avoid the skinners and stick to themselves. The skinners hang together. This is not to say that shankings don't occur but for the most part disputes are about property and the trade in contraband. (Incidently a 50 gram of tobacco that retails on the street for $12.00 goes for $250.00 to $400.00 depending on supply)

Short timers don't want to risk a life sentence for offing a skinner so a kind of twisted equilibrium is achieved.

Prison justice is somewhat of a myth. The biggest danger the likes of this POS face is in transit between joints or in a remand center where the population covers the gamut of criminals.

Even then skinners are kept in protective custody with few opportunities for the general population to get to them.


beachnut said...

Just In!

Honey Pot said...

You what I have noticed.

The left blogs never post about these killers, and if they do, it is to somehow defend them, or to justify their crimes.

For the left to be so apathetic towards killers, pedophiles and the like, really makes you wonder where their heads are.

Anonymous said...

No one on the lib-left will answer a straightforward, very simple question: If people who are convicted of first degree murder (especially those like this monster) are never given the chance of parole, how does that negatively impact me and all law abiding Canadians?"

What's the downside? Certainly the left's anti-death penalty stance that an innocent person might be put to death before new evidence surfaces to exonerate them doesn't apply.

What is the argument for even giving this guy a shot at freedom? How is holding a position that those convicted of first degree murder should spend the rest of their lives behind bars without the possibility of parole some right-wing, knee-jerk reaction? Would someone please explain?

If for the sake of argument THAT law was currently on the books, how would David Ennis not being eligible for parole, not having him as a news story today, and most importantly not subjecting the victims of his crimes the indignity of having to explain why he SHOULDN'T be released (gasp!), which is, in effect, what they have to do... how does having this guy rotting in prison for the rest of his life negatively impact me? Just like to hear one single criminologist answer that question... and do so practically, without some bleeding-heart BS!

Honey Pot said...

The left have children and family also. How can they justify someone who has killed a love one walking free, is beyond me.

It is not something you get over, a family member being brutally murdered.

I think of the victims families of Karla Homolka, how they must suffer knowing she got away with raping and killing their children.

For the courts to allow that evil child raping killer to walk free and to keep her child, put the child at risk, must kill the familes over and over again.

James Goneaux said...

Yes, the left is notoriously silent on cases like this. They just label anyone to the right of them as nazis and they are done with the "debate". All their talk about a civil society apparently leans more toward slapping down folks like Ezra Levant than keeping monsters like this away from innocent people.

But if they want logic, how about this: when Trudeau brought in "life" sentences back in the 70s, life expectancy was for males was 69. Now its 78.

So, without any hint of emotion, "life" should now be at least 34 years...

Anonymous said...

Yes, the left is notoriously silent on cases like this.
That's because it is a non-news story. You are disappointed he wasn't paroled, since that would support your lynch mob mentality.

He's a cold blooded killer, the law requires that he get a parole hearing. He got one. And it was denied.

Where's the story, except in your own fevered minds?

Neo Conservative said...

"my own personal troll says... You are disappointed he wasn't paroled, since that would support your lynch mob mentality."

of course... we all wanted him to go free... gawd, you're a genius.


Honey Pot said...

Really annon, I want to know why the left never discuss these henious crimes on their blogs. Not a word, it is like it doesn't exist to them.

Is the left that sheltered? Have they never been a victim of crime? Do they know of no one that has died at the hands of a monster?

What is it with the left and their apathy to victims of crime?